Contact Lens Solutions
A range of multipurpose solutions for soft and hard contact lenses. See our range and the rewards you can earn.
Disposable Lenses
CLC rewards are included in our range of disposable soft contact lenses. Please consult your local optometrist.
Eye Care Range
CLC offers rewards on a wide range of eye care products for all your dry eye needs. 

The more CLC products you purchase the faster you gain rewards points.

CLC would like to introduce our new rewards program ‘CLC Rewards’. There will be removable labels on most CLC products now that have either a 1 or 2, indicating their points value. These points can be accumulated on the rewards cards we will provide, by removing sticker from the product then placing on the rewards card.

Once you have accumulated enough points labels you can either redeem you selected reward product from a participating Optometry practice or by sending you rewards card into us at:

CLC Rewards
Po Box 2344
Christchurch 8013


 This is a optometry exclusive rewards program!